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Ozzcover Ozzy Osbourne Ostrava

The roots of Ozzy revival Ostrava date back to the year 1999, when guitarist Zdeněk with bass player Steve (Radim Raška), after finishing his cooperation with the band Iron Maiden Revival, plan to play Black Sabbath and Ozzy.

Soon comes singer Luboš Ryška and drummer Rosťa Kňura, with whom Zdeněk worked in the band Enem Dym.

Ozzcover Ozzy Osbourne Revival Ostrava is created in 2000.

After several personnel variations and pauses, completed projects Silesia (Zdeněk a Steve) and Orgasmatron Motörhead Revival (Zdeněk), in the landmark year 2017 again meet almost the original assembly. Only the definitive drummer is Looking for.

Singer Luboš Ryška and drummer Honza Cluffetos Gajdoš did not have enough time for their activities on the band, but they remain in reserve.

In The spring of 2019 comes charismatic vocalist and bass guitarist Pepa Slaný and drummer Adam Hruška.

Pepa Slaný comes from Opavska and his previous bands are Manipul, Mistral, Gamma, Pohoda, Mantl. He Is a great fan of Ozzy, who works all over the site as his twin brother!

Drummer Adam Hruška comes from Ostrava, graduated from the Conservatory of Folk Music and received a discharge in the field of "Percussion instruments". He Played in various bands, eg. KLIPR, Sax knickers and Yezz, in which he plays so far. Newly played in the Ozzcover Ozzy Osbourne revival Ostrava lineup.

The Band receives very high quality reinforcements. Sharply and accurately pedaling drum machine, which quickly incorporated into our "Soundu".

We are stronger than ever before and with energy we are going to this year's concert season!

It Starts with a lot of concerts again and the testimonials are very positive.

In The repertoire we have the biggest stones from Black Sabbath and Ozzy and serve them nicely, but there are also some slow to dance.

On the scene, therefore, our revival, with minor breaks, has been almost 20 years. We Enjoy it, but more and more, and who comes to look, will not regret!